Welcome to the website for Candid.Concept LP.

We provide your office with the tools needed for total Office Management, not just data storage. Using our eCandidus™ Desktop you can organize your office, while not burdening your your staff by providing an easy-to-learn and easy-to-use system.

We cover a range of professions, from Law to Real Estate Management, using a consistent set of tools and options. A flexible software system should be able to support not only a variety of businesses, but tailor itself to you own needs in your own office. This eCandidus™ does today, can your software claim the same?



During the first quarter on 2015, we are introducing many new features to eCandidus™

  • Workflow Server
  • eCandidus has supported workflows, the ability of you defining a set of steps that eCandidus will carry out automatically when a field value changes or when requested. These workflows have run in the Desktop, which seemed fine when first defined, but have shown limitations. Some of those limitations are the ability to send and receive phone calls and to run workflows when the associate is not signed on, like overnight. By creating a separate process, which like CloudLink, can run in the eCandidus Server, those limitations are lifted.

  • Support for MySQL
  • As Microsoft changes their MS SQL pricing policies, we believe that offering an alternative, which has full free open source and paid support options will benefit you.

  • Expansion into Medical Billing
  • Working in conjunction with a leading medical billing and collection firm, we have added support for the intricacies of medical billing to our existing billing system. We will be focusing on billing and collection firms to start with and expand to medical providers over time.

  • Questionnaires
  • A third form of data entry is joining forms and documents! Questionnaires are what the name implies, a way to ask questions and generate input to your eCandidus database, but unlike their paper counterparts, can be defined with rules to be followed, so if one of the questions is "What is your marital status?", you will only get the "How many children?" if the user enters anything but single. Imagine doing that with your superbills!

  • Android!
  • Saving my favourite for last, we now have multiple modules that run in your Android tablets and phones! Key in this area is the release of Handy, our front end to the medical billing system to be used by both billing firms and medical providers, and making full use of the new questionnaires! Stay tuned as full documentation will be coming shortly...

Support from Microsoft for XP came to an end on April 8 2014! - This does not mean that your computer will stop working, what it does mean is that no more patches, including those for security fixes, will be done by Microsoft. While we strongly suggest that you migrate to the newer Windows, eCandidus™ Desktop will be supported on Microsoft XP for now. Some of the newer features, like eC Connect, will not be available in XP, as they require features only found in the newer versions of Windows.
We support your office in all of these devices!
DesktopsLaptops (Local and Web)
Smart PhonesTablets


Most systems believe that just keeping a table of your work information, be it cases, patients or properties, is enough. We go beyond that, as we believe that, while such information is important, your office also needs integrated support for everything from phone messages and ticklers to billing. We make that a reality.


Just like this page, with all of the links where you simply can click on any one of them to get more information, we link all of your office information, so you can easily move from the phone message to the case, and beyond to all of the mail and third party data. And we link you to the rest of the world, by providing easy e-mail delivery of your work product, the ability to create PDF documents to your own Document Portal.


We strongly believe in the anywhere paperless office, and have been doing so since 2003!

From simple letters to legal forms, eCandidus™ Desktop not only auto-fills from your data, but gives you the tools to create and edit to your meet all of your needs. And follows it up by keeping a cross reference to all the work. You are never more than a couple of clicks away from any item in the case...


... While providing a macro level picture of how your office is doing. Can you tell as easily how many new cases have come into your office with your current system?


eCandidus™ puts you in the drivers seat!

We believe in providing a system where you are in control. Yes, we provide many of the forms that you use, but we also provide the tools for you to not only modify them as you want, but to also go one step further and add any form that your office needs without having to worry about extra charges. The same goes for any letters and other word processing documents, and you can make them mergeable to leverage the data stored in the database.

Follow that with the ability to add your own fields and then decide on how to automate the steps that you want to take in handling the case, or other subject. Full control from day one.



And lets you reach out and touch your data!


Your data should be accessible from anywhere!

Using the eCandidus™ Webtop you to access key portions of your data from any computer using Web 2.0 technology.

How does it work? You simply install the Webtop into your eCandidus™ Server and then access it just like you would any other web site from any computer. Nothing to install at the station!

That belief in accesibility goes all to way to your Smart Phone!

And your customizations move throught the entire system. Add a field in the eCandidus™ Desktop and it shows in the eCandidus™ SmartDevice as well as the eCandidus™ Webtop. No relearning, or rethinking...

See what we mean in the two screens below...


eCandidus™ SD

eCandidus™ Desktop


eCandidus™ Webtop

eCandidus™ DMNSion


We believe in dealing honestly with our clients, and to make the relationship a long and mutually beneficial. You are a professional and know how valuable your clients are to you, and so do we. Unlike others, where you have first to pay to even learn what what their system does or does not do, you are welcome to view our entire manual, and get an idea of how extensive the eCandidus™ Desktop is. Or use our Search page to quickly find any item of interest.



All the images that you see in this website come from an actual running system, no mocks up!


More details on the all the features in the eCandidus™ Desktop are available in the How To's section.