Analyzing the bottom line

eCandidus™ Desktop Time Billing has a simple to use, and yet very powerful way to analyze billing and revenue.  You access it by selecting Billing:Review:Cross Tabs:

The tool displays the following screen:

First, lets select the date range that we want to look at, by entering the date range at the top:

The system loads the values and displays the result.

Before we go any further, you need to understand the four sections that make up the analysis:

We have dragged-off all of the fields into the top area, which is the holding area.  Note that there are three other areas "Drop Data Items Here", "Drop Column Fields Here" and "Drop Row Fields Here".  The way the cross tab works is by being able to drag-and-drop the fields from the holding area to the drop areas.  Lets move the Account field to the rows, the Assoc to the column and Net$ to the data:

As you can see, you can easily breakdown the information in any number of ways.  You can place more than one field in each area, below we have added the Code field to the rows:

Note that in this report we are braking down which work is being done for each account, as we dragged the Code field AFTER the Account field.  We could have dragged the Code field BEFORE the Account field and have obtained:

Where we can analyze for which account we are doing each type of work.

You do not need to have a field in either the row or column areas, which give you a totals report:

Here we see how many entries and how much in revenues for each type of work. 

You can select which type of each item is displayed.  This is done by moving the mouse cursor over any field, to display the filter icon:

Note the icon at the top right corner of the field.  Clicking on the icon displays a list of values in the field:

Simply click on or off on the list to select which items to include:

And the display is updated when you click on OK:

Note that the field can be in the holding area and still be used in the selection process.

Cross Tabs are a dynamic process, used to give you instant response to your questions.

The following commands are available for processing:

PrintPrints the cross tab.
ExportExports the cross tab.  A variety of formats are available, including Excel, PDF and Rich TextFormet.