Third Party Billing

eCandidus™ can extend its billing system to include third party billing, or billing done in behalf of another party. To enable third party billing, all you have to do is tell eCandidus™ which Address Book field in your case (work product) holds the third party information. Here we will make the medical provider the third party:

We zoom into the Applicant:

And we edit the User Layout;

Selecting the medical provider field, we change the Settings:

Setting the extension to be 3rd Party.

Save all and re-launch eCandidus™ Desktop. Your system is now a third-party billing system.


What changed?

All of the tools that allow you to input charges now have an extra field to tell which third party is being billed. The Quick Bill screen went from:



Invoice changes

You now have available two options in the invoice format section:

This option allows you to have the invoice header show your name and address or the third party's

And in the RE: section you can also make use of the third party's information. Here we are using the merge code to get the third party's name.


Cross tab changes

And in the cross tab reports, the Provider, which is what we called our third party in the System Settings, is available for inclusion:


Changes to the Address Book

You should change your Address Book screen to include a TaxID field, which will be shown in the invoice header when the invoice header shows the third party:

Also you should make Phone#1 the main phone number and Phone#2 the FAX number, as they will also be used in the header.


Third Party Billing and eC Access

As all third parties are automatically eC Access users, you can setup your eCandidus™ system to be accessible by the medical providers. This allows a shared appointment calendar, notes and a simple way to have the provider input the billing as eCandidus™ Forms.