CA WC Extensions

eCandidus™ can extend it billing system to cover the special requirements of California's Workers Compensation Medical Provider billing.


Address Book types

The following address book types are designed for this type of billing:

  • Medical Provider - Person or entity for which the billing is being done
  • Medical Referrer - The referrer of the provider


Changes to the Address Book

In order to properly do so, you need to extend your Address Book so it has the following field types defined:

  • NPI - The NPI of the medical provider
  • Taxonomy - The taxonomy
  • TaxID - The Tax ID
  • ReceiverID - The receiver ID as defined by the clearing house


System Settings

You also need to define similar settings for yourself, in the System Settings.

Note that all billing is done via eBill, so you need to use a clearing house to route your bills properly.



You need to define a referrer, how this is done depends on...

If you are a biller

Define a field that points to the Address Book and set the extended set to Referrer. See next.


If you are a third party biller

In the same screen where you defined your third party, create a corresponding referrer field:



Change to the Quick Bill tool

All of the tools that allow for entry of charges will show the referrer. Here is the Quick Bill tool:

The referrer is shown after the pound mark #. If there is no pound mark, no referrer has been defined and an error will occur when you submit the bill.



  • AssureExtendedRate - Automatically loads rates from the extended rate tables as you use them
  • QuickBillOnly - Allows for quick entry of charges by bill code.
  • AutoApproveCharges - When QuickBillOnly, the biller cannot change the rates, so there is no need for review

These are located in System Settings