The CloudLink Server module is designed to link your eCandidus™ System to other sites. These are the features that are available:

  • QuickEAMS for eCandidus - Allows you to use an eCandidus™ case or work product number in the QuickEAMS Makers Reference field. When a valid number is entered and you press the tab key, QuickEAMS will fill in the appropriate information from your eCandidus database into the maker's screen. No more re-entering information when you are creating an application.

  • EDI Connector - Makes available QuickEAMS functionality in the eCandidus™ Desktop

  • Invoicing - Automates portions of the Billing process

  • Google Calendar - Makes your eCandidus™ Appointment Calendar available in Google Calendar

  • E-Mail Feeder - Allows for the receipt of documents via e-mail

  • Notifications - Allows for Quick Messages across multiple offices

All of these require the installation of the CloudLink Server.


Important fields and CloudLink

There are a few very important fields that are used by CloudLink in routing information from external sources, including QuickEAMS.


The ID field, which is is called Chart ID in CA WC Billing and Case in law, should uniquely identify the case (work product) as it is used by CloudLink to identify which case (work product) the incoming data from the external source belongs to.

The ID for CA WC Billing is shown here:

This is the first way that CloudLink uses to match the case (work product) and it is the best way when the field value is unique for each case (work product). The default value generated by eCandidus is guaranteed to be unique.

This is the field used by QuickEAMS packets to identify the case (work product) to which the packet and notifications belong to.


Another way that CloudLink tries to identify the case (work product) is using the California Worker's Compensation Adjudication Board (WCAB) ADJ number, given to each case. This is the method that is used when the source of the information is the WCAB, like filing information or hearing scheduled.

When obtaining such information, you should have one field designated with field type WCADJ in your case (work product). This is part of the default definition for CA WC Billing systems, but not for the Law system.


A third way of identifying the case (work product) is by matching the key passed by the external source to the placeholder for the case (work product). The placeholder is what is displayed above the case (work product) or in the list when you are selecting a case (work product):

Note that the key passed back does not need to be the entire placeholder and can be portions of it, just like what you type when selecting the case (work product). This method is used by third party data sources when neither of the above is available to them.

Search Order

CloudLink will search for the case (work product) in this order:

  • ADJ
  • ID
  • Placeholder

The first match will stop the search.


Assigned To

The assigned to field is used to route any messages generated by CloudLink to the proper Associate. Shown here is the field in CA WC Billing:

It is important that this field has the nickname of a current active Associate, to properly deliver the message. There are various tools to assign this field: