Entering billing charges as a time sheet

For those associates that do not need to add any detail to the billing charges, the Time Sheet, found under Associates:Time Sheet is the perfect tool:

The Time Sheet allows for the entry of the charges in a spreadsheet format, where each charge is one row:

The columns are defined as:

On The date the entry was created.
Files # The work product for which the entry was created.
 -Delete the entry
 YThe charge is billable
 NThe charge is time only
As The associate for whom the work was done.
Code The billing code.
Description The description of the entry.
Time The actual units.
By The associate that did the work.
FilesThe full description of the work product.

Note that entries can be made for any date.  Also charges entered in the Time Sheet can be viewed and updated in the History, and vice-versa.


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