Entering billing charges quickly

For those offices that work from the case (work product) itself and wish to enter billing charges without any detail, you can use the Single Charge option:

Selecting this option gives you the charge entry portion:

Simply enter the charge details and click on the Save button to save.


By Code

For those sites with unit billing, like medical offices, a very quick way to enter codes is using the By Code:

Note that this will be only method available if you set the QuickBillOnly in your System Settings

In the By Code mode, you enter the billing codes:

And when you press the tab key, they will be listed:

Note above that you can enter the code and the number of units:

When you are done, simply press tab without any codes and the tool will save and exit.

The By Code method also works when Composite Rates are defined:

Which allow you to enter a group of charges very quickly:


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