Front Desk

The Front Desk is composed of various screens, which allow for the quick communication between the front desk and all the associates.

The screen displays the following information:



You can quickly search for a name by clicking on the address table, and then typing the name.  The system will wait for a split second to make sure that you have completed the entry, and then display all of the addresses where all of the words entered are found.  Clicking on any of the names, display the address and main phone, and all of the cases that are related to the entry.

The system will select the latest case, and show who is in charge of the case, and the status of that associate.


Phone Messages

The Front Desk allows you to create a phone message by clicking on the Phone Message icon . Clicking on the icon creates a pre-filled Phone Message with the case and address entries and routed to the associate in charge of the case.



If the associate is in the office, you are also allowed to create a Front Desk Alert, by clicking on the Front Desk Alert icon .

When a Front Desk Alert is created you will be asked for the phone line where the caller is located, and the reason for the call.  The associate in charge of the case is then alerted, and the system will display the alert:

The associate that receives the alert is given three choices:

Accepts call. The case is displayed at the associates screen and the sender is told of the acceptance.
Tells the sender to take a phone message.
Transfer the call to another associate.


Alert from a Third Party

In the standard alert, eCandidus™ assumes that the caller is the person highlighted in the address book section. If the caller is someone else related to the case, you can click on the Alert As button.

This option will list the parties related to the case and allow you to select one. The process then continues as a standard alert.



Appointments are also handled by the Front Desk module, where all appointments for the office are displayed under the second tab at the Front Desk station:


Walk-ins Alerts

When the appointment arrives, the front desk station can alert the associate in a manner similar to that of a phone call, except that the phone call line number is left blank.  This alerts the associate as to the presence of the appointment:

In this case, the associate can alert the front desk station in one of four ways:

Accepts appointment. The case is displayed at the associates screen and the sender is told of the acceptance.
Visitor needs to wait.
Tells the sender to escort visitor to associate.
Tells the sender to schedule a new appointment for the visitor.


Sending the alert to alternate Associate

You can select which associate should receive the alert by clicking on the Who's Around tab and selecting an associate that is logged in.


Associate Availability

The system will automatically track each associate status, as they login and logout, however each associate can override the tracking by using the Check In/Out screen:

This screen allows for accurate information to be displayed at the Front Desk station, and thereby available to the clients.