How are we doing?

For those offices where billing is an important part, eCandidus™ Desktop has a set of tools to make sure that billing is timely and complete.

It starts with the use of the History screen to enter the notes, follow ups and billing in a central place.  This assures that billing is captured as each associate works the case, but we do not stop there.

Time Sheets

The History screen is a perfect place for those associates that need to detail their work, not only is a charge entered, but a more detailed explanation is also added.  There are those associates that produce billable work, and only need to enter the basic billing information, for those we have the Time Sheet screen:

In this screen, the associate enters each billing charge, and is given choices to assure consistent billing information gathering, for instance clicking on the question mark displays all of the choices for correspondence:

The associate is able to enter the text wherever the billing manager has entered an underscore.  Not only does this create a consistent billing format, but also minimizes typing.


But I entered my billing information in History!...

No problem, entries entered in History are shown in the time sheet, and vice versa.  In fact attorneys normally enter their billing in History and then review their input using the time sheet to make sure that nothing has been missed.  And using the total report which is part of the time sheet header, they can see how they did for the day.


OK, but how I am really doing?...

There is a simple to use time report, which shows how each associate is dong:

Here the associate sees a week's report.

As manager, you want to be able to see how the office does overall:

As well as how time is being spent:

And get the detail on what makes up the column by double clicking on any one:

Here we see who was involved in the preparation of settlement documents, and in which cases and for how long they were involved.