In the Construction Zone

We try to constantly add features to the eCandidus&trade Desktop and al our other products, and try not to have any problems outstanding. There are those enhancements which will take us a bit longer to develop and provide to you, and in order to keep you abreast of these, we have created this page:

MySQL Support

In the first quarter of 2015, eCandidus will complete its support for MySQL and its variants. As Microsoft changes their MS SQL pricing policies, we believe that offering an alternative, which has full free open source and paid support options will benefit you.

VoIP and PBX

Integrating your VoIP phone systems with eCandidus™ so you can make, receive and track calls. The first part of this project has been released!


Is almost here! Our first set of Android Apps are becoming available in our downloads area. We will expand the number of apps over the next few months as the feedback grows. Remember that Android support relies on our CloudLink product in association with Android based phones and tablets!

Why Android?

The one reason that we have decided to make our push into the app world in the Android (Google) arena and not in the iOS (Apple) or Windows Phone (Microsoft) is the ease of installation and updates. Google has a liberal policy, where developers like us can provide their apps on their own website, just like we do in our downloads area. This is not allowed in the Apple or Microsoft world, where each app, and each version of the app, goes through a process to be accepted. We fully understand the reason behind this, as it provides a level of security to you the end user. But eCandidus™ and sister products are not targeted to a mass market, it is a limited and controlled user base, which does require constant support and maintenance. If you had to wait three months when you find an issue, you would soon become an unhappy user. As you know we take care of questions in minutes and 99% of all issues reported are corrected in 24 hours or less. This is the reason for our decision.


What else should we work on? Which one of these would make a big difference in your office? Send us an e-mail to our contact address shown below!