Phone Messages

The Phone Messages set allows you to track incoming phone messages for each Associate.  Phone Messages are viewed in the Organizer and the Where Used forms.

Label Type Meaning
For: Associate The associates to whom the entry applies.
On: Date The date on which the entry was created
At: Time The time on which the entry was created
Status: Choice The status of the entry:
Active The entry is being worked on
On Hold The entry is on hold pending other activity
Completed The entry has been completed
From: Text The name of the person with whom left the message
Of: Text The company that the person represents
Phone: Phone Number A Phone Number that is related to the entry
Note: Text Block The message and/or instructions of the entry
Job: Link / Work Product The work product entry that this entry belongs to.  Note that the label will vary according to the system
Taken By: Associate The Associate that created the entry