Quick Phone Message

The Quick Phone Message tool allows your front desk to quickly enter Phone Messages.


The tool displays a list of buttons, one for each associate selected. Each button is labeled with the associate nickname and the number of messages that have been sent to that associate.

Above the buttons, the count of total number of messages sent is displayed, along with a rate of how many messages per hour have been sent.

Below the buttons, the text box displays the default text that will be used to display who the message is from:


Setting up the Associates

Clicking on the Settings tab displays a list of all the Associates in your office. Simply click on the associates that you want the front desk can send quick phone messages to:


Sending Messages

To send a message with the default text as the "From", which is displayed at the bottom of the tool screen, simply click on the associate to whom the message should be sent to.

You can override who the message is from, by typing the name in the text box above the associate button:

Then clicking on the button sends the phone message and clears the entry.

Note that you can enter what the message is regarding by entering "re" and what it is regarding following who the message is from.


How the message is created

The tool does not send the message immediately. It is held in a que and processed in the background, allowing the front desk to quickly respond to many calls to come in. The tool displays the number of messages in the queue (up to 25) in the progress bar above the buttons.

If the from text does not have a "re" word, the message is created filling only the "From" field.

When the text includes a "re", the process differes in that the tool uses the text after the "re" to search for cases where the regarding text occurs. A list of possible cases is created, and each one is checked to see if there is a party in the case that resembles the name given before the "re" word. For example:

pratley re ed domi

Will search for cases that "ed domi" is involved, and that includes a party named "Pratley". In our database this produces a case for "Eduardo Dominguez", where the PTP is "Dr Pratley". This information is the used to determine values for the rest of the phone message as shown here:

If the tool cannot determine a case or party, the message is formatted as follows: