Reviewing billing charges

You can review for approval all billing charges submitted by selecting Billing:Charges

A spreadsheet, selectable by various parameters, is displayed:

The options are as follows:

Show ByThe grouping to be shown.
Display Files first?Display the files column before the code.
Display non-reviewed only?Display only the charges that have not been reviewed.
GroupingThe choice of groupings.
Show ifUsed to select which grouping values are displayed.

The columns are defined as:

ACharge is accepted.
DCharge is deferred.   Originating associate must review and correct.
OOmit charge from invoice.
ECharge was made in error.
!!Warning message if charge is under or over the rules.
OnThe date the entry was created.
AssocThe associate for whom the work was done.
ByThe associate that did the work.
CodeThe billing code.
DescriptionThe description of the entry.
UnitsThe actual Units.
Bill. UnitsThe units to be billed.
RateThe billing rate.
Gross AmtAmount before any adjustments.
CreditAdjustment amount.
Net AmtFinal amount.
FilesThe description of the work product.

Any column can be changed.

Reviewing charges remove them form being able to be modified by any associate, except for those place in deferred mode.


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