Setting up the account

Each account setting is setup using the Billing:Accounts entry:

The Accounts screen is displayed:

The first page displays all of the accounts that are available.  The Rates tab allows you to setup changes to the rate table for the account:

The rate table columns are the same as the default table, and the following options are available:

Override System Table?If checked, the table replaces the default table, otherwise the account table adds/replaces entries in the default table.
RateThe rate for the account.   This rate replaces all of the rates in the default table where the rate label is not blank.
Apply as ofIf checked, the system will update all of the charges using the updated table and rate.  The charges must have not been invoiced and with a date on or after the date given. Note that eCandidus™ will not change any previously entered charge.

In the rare case that a non-default rate changes, the new rate must be entered between work hours just prior to the new rate taking place.

The Cases (or work product) tab displays all of the cases that are billed to the account.


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