Setting up the Bill Code Templates

Each bill code should define the billing description entries allowed for the bill code. This is done automatically for any bill code that comes from the extended rate tables The template is a string where each option has a slash (/) as its first character, and uses the underscore (_) as pointers where the associate can enter information particular for the charge.  Examples of these are:

/Various Telephone Calls with _ Re: _
/Telephone Call with _ Re: _
/Telephone Call with Applicant's Attorney Re: _
/Telephone Call with Client Re: _
/Telephone Call with Dr. _’s Office Re: _
/Telephone Call with Co-Defendant - _Re: _
/Telephone Call with Court Reporter Re: _

Note that the number of underscores determine the relative size of the input are, for example:

/Telephone Call with _ Re: _

will produce the following:


/Telephone Call with _ Re: __


Where the Re field is now wider.


Overriding the External Code

You can override the external code for any one particular template by entering the code at the end of the template, separated by the template text with a double colon ::.  For example:

/Telephone Call with _ Re: __::A108

will use the UTBMS code of A108 when the template is used.  Note that the external code is not printed in the invoice.


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