The phone call comes in...

Most interaction in service oriented offices begin with a phone call from your client or other party into your office.   How you answer this call is how the world sees you.  For this we have built the Front Desk:

Let's assume that Jose Gonzalez called, here we entered pieces of the name "Jos" and "Gon"

What is important is what we did not have to enter, the full and correct name.  We did not have to ask if the name ended in Z or S, or if there is a middle initial.   We simply typed seven characters and let the system do the work for us.

What the system provided was information of all of the people that we know with names that were a possible match, along with other information that help us get to the proper person quickly.  We can ask for the last four digits of the phone number, and close in immediately.

Now on the right side we are shown full details of the name, we can confirm the address, and if it has changed, get the proper new information to keep our records up to date.

We are also shown the cases (or work product information) at the bottom.  We do not need to ask "Are you a client?", we know that the caller is related to the cases, and we can show the caller that we know who he/she is, and the importance of his/her business.


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