Document Portal

The eCandidus™ Document Portal is an easy and efficient method of publishing documents to a web site, so outside parties can view them.  The portal is based on the idea of subscriptions.


A subscription is the electronic version of a storage box.   It holds pages of information, that can be organized in folders.


An account is the key to accessing a group of subscriptions.   Each account has a user name and password.


Installing the WebPortal

The Web Portal should be installed in the same computer where the eCandidus™ Server is installed. If you cannot do so, please contect us for further instructions.


Linking the Web Portal to the eCandidus™ Desktop

Once you have installed the Web Portal, you need to update your System Settings in two places:

Document Portal/PortalAddress

This is the IP address where the Portal is installed:

Allowed Remote IDs

The value of 372F3830776E5336 must appear in one of the five allowed entries:


Creating an Account

Any entry in the Address Book can be made into a Document Portal account.  Simply view the entry, and set the user name and password entries found in the Document Portal tab:


Creating Subscriptions

Creating a subscription for the account is accomplished by clicking on the info button in the Subscriptions area, and selecting Create New:

You can also create the subscription by double-clicking on an empty subscription.


Editing Subscription information

The following information can be entered for each subscription:

Field Meaning
Name The name of the subscription.
Expires On The last date that the subscription is viewable by the account.  If left blank, no limit is set.
Can Upload Account can upload to the subscription.


Publishing to a Subscription

You can publish to a subscription from any Document or Form screen:

Note that the Subscription button is enabled.  Clicking on the button displays the Subscription selection screen:

Simply click on the address and subscription. Note that the Folder field will be pre-filled with the document or form name selected. Any invalid character (like the slash /) will be converted to a dash -.

Using the same folder name in multiple publishings allow you to append pages from the new document to the end of the current set.

Click on the OK button to send the document or form to the subscription.


Publishing from inside a case (work product)

You can publish any merged document or form, as well as any History Note. When publishing from inside a case, you will be limited to those accounts and subscriptions of Address Book entries that appear in the case (or work product). This is done to minimize any errors when publishing sensitive information.


Accessing the Document Portal

The accounts can access the Document Portal using any browser.  Simply add /eCandidusPortal to your web site URL:

Entering the name and password, then clicking on the Log In button, logs the account in.


Selecting a Subscription

When an account logs in, a list of all of the subscriptions is displayed:

Clicking on any subscription name displays the subscription.  Also the user can enter a word or phrase to seach for, which are displayed when the Find button is clicked:


Navigating the Subscription

A subscription is displayed in an easy-to-understand format:

The name of the subscription is displayed at the top, with up to twenty five pages.  At the bottom, a page guide is displayed.  Clicking on any page group displays those pages:

If any sub-folders are available, they are displayed on the right side.  Clicking on the folder image displays the folder:

Note that when you are in a sub-folder, the folder name is added to the subscription and a image of the parent folder is displayed on the left side.

Clicking on any page displays that page in more detail:

When viewing one page in a folder that has multiple pages, you can navigate to the next and/or previous pages by using the page images on the right side:


Uploading to a Subscription

When the upload option is turned on, Accounts can add documents to the subscription.  In this mode, the folder view will have an extra option added to the bottom:

You can browse for a file in your computer by clicking on the browse button.  Once you have selected a file, clicking on the Upload button copies the file to the subscription.

The file uploaded does not need to be an image file (PDF, TIFF, JPEG, etc) but can be of any type.   Image files are reduced to individual pages.  If the file cannot be reduced to individual pages, it is kept as a single file and the appropriate application icon is displayed in its place.