What's falling through the cracks?

No matter how much we try, there are those occasions where things slip out of sight and out of mind.  eCandidus™ Desktop has a simple tool to make sure that this condition, if it arises, is found quickly.  It is the Last Activity report:

This report shows how long ago each case was last worked on.  It is available for each associate, displaying the cases assigned to that associate, or for the entire office, just in case a case was not assigned properly.  And you do not have to go to another place to see the case itself, double click on any case and the case is displayed.

Note that you can also create a follow up up thing to do for one or more cases, simply highlight the cases and click on the "Add Thing To Do" icon.  You will be asked for the subject line, and each associate will be informed with the case information and how long it has not been worked on.


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