Controlling Workload

There are two ways of assigning workload, by Associate count and by name of source.


By Associate Count

The Workload:Balance tool allows you to assign by count:

The tool displays the following screen:

AssociateThe associate to whom the case (word product) is currently assigned
CountThe current count
RatioThe ratio to use to re-assign
ExpectedThe number of cases (work product) that the associate will end up with
DiffThe number that the current count changes by

In this example, the number of cases (work product) will be split, taking all away from unassigned, the blank entry, and assigning them to DD and MM evenly, with ECANDIDUS getting half of DD or MM.


By Name

The Workload:Assign By Name will take each case (work product) and use the Source field, or the Plaintiff Name if no source field is defined, and assign each to one or more Associates:

Note that you can enter as much of the name as you wish to distribute by.


You can configure the tool as follows:

Source FieldThe merge code of the field that will provide the name. Note that the @sort code is used to select by last name
Assoc FieldThe field that holds the associates
Assign at SaveThe case (work product) will be assigned when it is saved
Only if NoneAssign at Save if there are no associates listed


Transferring all from one Associate to another

The Workload:Reassign tool allows you to transfer all of the cases (work product) from one associate to another: