CHIME Desktop

The CHIME Desktop is a very special personal project of mine, and is for anyone with communications disabilities.

If you wish to review what the CHIME Desktop is all about you can download the documentation:

And you can also download the CHIME Desktop itself.

The CHIME Desktop, like all our other work is written in C#, and uses the following Microsoft technologies, which are made available here, or can be found at the Microsoft web site.

Package Version  
.NET Framework 1.1 link
DirectX 9.0 link
SAPI - Speech 5.1 link

All of these technologies are owned by Microsoft, however have been made available to all Windows XP users previously.


CHIME Institute and the Charter School Program

This project is intended as a gift to the CHIME Institute to help those children that they assist, which include my youngest son, and to hopefully raise some funds toward the CHIME Charter Schools.  As they will be the final decision makers on what to do with the CHIME Desktop, this package may disappear from this website without notice.

Until then, if you feel this tool would benefit anyone you know, drop me a line telling me how you plan to use it.  The use MUST BE NON-COMMERCIAL.  And of course any feedback on how to make the system better is always welcomed, as long as you understand that any ideas will be shared with all the users.