How To's

The How To's are designed to explain the functionality built into each form in the eCandidus™ Desktop.  This section of our website is a work in progress, as our product are ever evolving thanks to the feedback of our incredible customer base.

If you know the specific topic that you are looking for, you may want to look at the Index page.  For those that want to get an insight into what options you have in configuring the eCandidus™ Desktop, look into the Settings:System page.

The eCandidus™ Desktop is divided into three main groups:

Personal Sets

Consist of data sets which belong to an associate.  These are:

Office Wide Sets

Consist of data sets which are accessed by the entire organization.  These are:

It also includes what we call Work Product, which changes according to the type of system:


Tools are available to carry out a variety of tasks:

  • Organizer - Shows you the outstanding items that you need to focus on.
  • Front Desk - Quickly find a person and all of the cases, or work product associated with him or her.
  • Document Management - Keep outside and inside materials accessible as imaged documents.


All sets have a common command bar displayed at the bottom of the form:

IconTool TipMeaning
Show Where UsedDisplays all the places where the entry is used.  See Cross References
CompareCompares values of fields
OrganizerDisplays the associated Things To Do, Phone Messages, Appointments and Office Memos.  See Cross References
Who is involvedDisplays a list of addresses of everyone who is involved with the entry
Show MilestonesDisplays the Milestone form for the entry
Show HistoryDisplays the History from for the entry.  This is where notes are kept
Document ManagementEntry point of the Document Management system. Allows you to save the document or form into the document management in those screens.
Merge into DocumentDisplays a list of available documents and merges information into the document
Merge into FormDisplays a list of available forms and merges information into the form
TasksPerforms defined tasks for the entry
AttachAttached external document to the entry.  See Cross References
Print ReportPrints a report from the entry
Print ScreenPrints the form
Page LayoutDefines page layout
Add Things To DoAdds a Things To Do related to the entry
Add Office MemosAdds an Office Memo related to the entry
Add AppointmentsAdds an Appointment related to the entry
Add Phone MessagesAdds a Phone Message related to the entry
ToolsDisplays a sub-menu of tools available
ServicesDisplays a sub-menu of services available in the work product screen.  Allows you to define a document or form as a service in those screens
E-MailConverts the Document or Form to PDF and sends it as an attachment.
Set/Clear AutostartSets or Clears the autostart flag.  When set the entry is displayed automatically when the user log in
CancelCancels any changes made to the entry
Save AsSaves a new copy of the entry
SaveSaves any changes done to the entry
SendSends the entry to its intended recipient
OKTells the system that you are done with the form
CancelCancels any changes made to the entry
WindowsDisplays a sub-menu to adjust the size of the form:
MinimizeDisplays the form as a small caption bar
MaximizeDisplays the form in the largest possible size
NormalDisplays the form in its original size