eCandidus™ Desktop allows you to place comments on any item in the database.  Where QuickNotes allow you to comment on a field, FYI comments apply to the entire item, and are also seen in any other item that points to it.


Turning FYI on

FYI is by default turned off.  To turn it on, go to Settings:System and set the FYIEnabled option to True:

and save the settings.


Using FYI

When FYI is turned on, and extra icon is shown in the command bar:

Note the icon.  When you click on the icon the FYI screen appears:

Type the comments and click save.  The icon will change to indicate that an FYI comment is available.

Now the comment is shown whenever the address is used.


Looking at FYI

Whenever an item is shown that contains an item that has an FYI comment, the FYI icon is highlighted:

Clicking on the icon displays the FYI comments:

Note that in this example there are three FYI comments, one for the case itself, another for Alicia Miranda and a third for the State Bar of California.  Click on the button to see each comment:

Note that FYI comments are bubbled up as needed:

In this Thing to Do, an FYI comment is indicated:

Note that the Thing to Do itself has no FYI comment, and that the case and addresses comments have bubbled up.


FYI and Front Desk

When FYI is enabled, the Front Desk changes to indicate that FYI comments are available for the highlighted case:

This allows the user to quickly determine if any special handling is needed for the caller: