The Associates Setting screen allows you to setup your own personal configuration.   Note that other settings in the system are also defined for each associate.

TypeYour new password, if left blank the password will not be changed
Re-enterConfirm your new password by re-entering it
SignatureThe text to be used as your signature
PhoneExtensionThe phone extension
DirectPhoneThe phone number which the direct phone line
DirectFaxThe phone number which is the direct FAX line
ThemeColor scheme to be used
NoRepositionAllow screens to be repositioned outside the physical screen
PreviewReportsShow report previews
ShortMenuMenu bar will be displayed in a short version
ShowMenuIconDisplays an icon for each entry in the menu bar
MRUCountNumber of entries to display in the Most Recently Used list
Spell Check 
SpellCheckAsYouTypeDocuments will be spell checked as you type
HistoryFontSets the default font when entering new History Notes
HistoryListingFontSets the default font when creating a listing of History Notes
MyHistoryColorDefines the color of the text when entering new History Notes
Document Manager 
AutoDocumentBarThe document bar will be displayed automatically.  See Document Manager
ExternalBarThe External Directory will be shown in the document bar
ExtendedInfoExtended information is displayed in the external bar
ExternalFindFind is displayed in the external bar
EMailSMTPServerThe URL of the SMTP server (send)
EMailPOPServerThe URL of the POP server (receive)
EMailNameYour e-mail name
EMailLoginLogin to the e-mail account
EMailPasswordPassword to the e-mail account
EMailMaxCountMaximum number of e-mail to retrieve
EMailRefreshHow often (in minutes) to retrieve e-mails
GoogleCalendarModeInformation to be passed to Google Calendar
GoogleCalendarDaysHow many days into the future to send appointments to Google Calendar
GoogleCloudPrintEnable Google Cloud Print services. Must have installed the Google Cloud Print connector
Quick Messages 
CapQuickMessageCapitalize quick messages
QMFontFont to use for Quick Messages
QMStackStartsAtWhich of the four corners to start the Quick Message stack
QMStackDirectionDirection of growth of the Quick Message stack
DMNSionLoginDMNSion or Dropbox login
DMNSionPasswordDMNSion or Dropbox password
DMNSionSynchDocsFuture use
DMNSionSynchFormsFuture use
DMNSionExternalFuture use
DropboxAccessClick to authorize Dropbox access