The Associates keeps all of the users of the system.

Label Meaning
Name The name of the Associate
Nickname The nickname of the Associate.  This is used to login into the system, and everywhere that theassociate is referenced
Pwd The password for the Associate
Type The type of the Associate.  used in Week @ a Glance
CC The associate to "carbon copy" in all items for the Associate
ZIP ZIP Code to be used as the location of the Associate
Status The status of the entry
 ActiveThe associate is allowed to log in
 InactiveThe associate cannot log in
Privileges The privileges allowed for the associate.  See PrivilegesDefined section below.
Button Sets the privilege level for pre-defined privileges
MRU The number of entries in the Menu Bar


Label Meaning
Signature The text to be used as the signature of the Associate in Merged Documents
Title The title or position of the Associate
Signs For The Associate nickname to be used as the signature in Merged Documents
Signature Block A formatted text or graphics to be used as the signature of the Associate in Merged Documents


Label Meaning
Availability The days and hours that the Associate is available


Other pages

All other pages are there for compatability and should be avoided, as their functionality has been moved to Associate Settings.


Privileges Defined

Privileges are defined as sets of words, separated by spaces.  Each word is made up of two portions, the first portion defines the dataset, and the second defines the options available to the Associate, for example:

PH.avThe associate can add and view phone messages
AP.*The associate has full access to appointments
*.vThe associate can view all datasets
TT.The Associate has no access to things to do

The system first looks for a dataset specific option, and if none is defined it will use the global (*.) definition:

*.av TT. AP.*

tells the system that the Associate has no access to things to do, full access to appointments, and add/view only otherwise.

The definitions used in building privileges are:

ADAddress Book
MEOffice Memos
PHPhone Messages
TTThings To Do
WPWork Product (Cases, Orders)