An attachment is an item in the eCandidus™ database that is related to the item that you are viewing. Any item in the eCandidus™ database can be attached to any other item. You can also attach any external file to the item that you are viewing.

Let's say that you are creating a Thing to Do for another associate, and you want to refer to an Appointment. You can attach the appointment to the thing to do, and whenever anyone views the thing to do, they can easily view the related appontment.

Another example is to attach a Document to the thing to do, to pass on work in progress to an associate for further work.

You can tell whether anything is attached to the note by looking at the attachment button.

When any attachments are present, the button will be highlighted:

Clicking on the button produces a list of items attached:

You can view any item by selecting it.  You can add new items by selecting the Add... option:

If an item type is selected, a list of items is displayed, and any item selected is attached to the note.  If the File option is selected, you will be prompted for a file, and it will be attached to the note.  Note that if you delete or move the external file, the link is broken.


External Files as Attachments

You can easily attach external files as attachments by selecting the File entry, or by simply dragging a file from any location and dropping into the item that the file should be attached to.

You should take care to use fiels stored from a folder accessible to the rest of the office using the same name, for instance S:\Shared\Records For John.pdf. This way the file is accessible by the rest of the office. If you attach a file from your local drive, it is considered a private attachment.



An upload is similar to an external file, except that a copy is made in a dedicated area in the ExternalDirectory of the system.


Using Drag and Drop...

You can attach a file by dragging the file into the attach button in History. You can also attach any object, including files, by dragging the object into the screen of another object.

Similarly you can drag any attached external file and drop it in any place that accepts files.