Billing A-(almost) Z

All of the Billing functions are controlled under the Billing menu entry:

These are the steps to completely setup and use the billing system:

  1. Turning Billing On
  2. Setting up the invoice format
  3. Setting up the Tax Rate Table
  4. Setting up the Rate Table
  5. Setting up the Bill Code Templates
  6. Creating Billable Accounts
  7. Setting up the account
  8. Setting up each case
  9. Setting up Balance Forwards
  10. Catching things that will not be billed
  11. Entering billing charges as part of your notes
  12. Entering billing charges as a time sheet
  13. Entering billing charges quickly
  14. Reviewing billing charges
  15. Correcting deferred charges
  16. Entering payments
  17. Posting invoices
  18. Printing invoices
  19. Modifying invoices after posting
  20. Looking at the billing for one case
  21. Analyzing the bottom line
  22. Advanced topics

  23. Third Party Billing
  24. CA WC Extensions
  25. Automating Invoices