By Version
  • Fixed issues with extended merge code interfering with logins
  • Simplified extended merge codes for third party billing
  • Added Referral as an Address Book type
  • Added FTP support to CloudLink Document Feeder
  • Renamed CloudLink E-Mail Feeder to CloudLink Document Feeder
  • Renamed eCandidus Document Feeder to eCandidus Scanner Bridge
  • Enhanced \#\...\IDCode to allow for both string and barcode generation
  • Updated all Android packages to use a minimum of Android 4.0.3 (KitKat)
  • Added user defined work product numbering
  • Name field of type Source will be filled with Applicant information when ADJ is updated and field based on is properly set
  • Updated WC body parts list to be more descriptive
  • Fixed minor issue when synchronizoing files at version change
  • Added auto-update option to Handy
  • Synchronized questionnaire code support between MS Windows and Android
  • Fixed issue with invoice post and medical provider billing
  • Added support to questionnaires for dependency on body parts
  • Added support for questionnaire selection depending on chart type
  • Fixed issues with drag/drop of merge codes
  • Added Redis configuration parameters to Configuration Wizard
  • Added ability to roll forward values in questionnaires
  • Changed the method of how snippets are ordered
  • Added question-wide target snippet fields
  • LoDe device names are how the device ID for security purposes
  • Added device description to each LoDe device
  • Questionnaires trace PDF files have a date sortable name
  • Fixed issue with appointment #1 logic not being properly applied for questionnaires
  • Fixed issues with creating new visits
  • Snippets logic now executes at Handy
  • Updated Handy to support document and forms merge
  • Updated Configuration Wizard to define eC Access mergeable documents and forms
  • Updated NPI data
  • Added ability to set document categories in Handy
  • Added ability to filter by document categories in Handy
  • Fixed issue with QuickEAMS transfer
  • Fixed visuals with Note Only History Notes
  • Added support for C & R to QuickEAMS service
  • Added ability to drag/drop ADJ field to QuickEAMS service
  • Added support for Office365 e-mail
  • Fixed Associates/Time/Sheet tool to properly update to History Notes
  • Added user documents support to eC Access
  • Added Category support for External Documents
  • Added ability to drag/drop files to other MS Windows programs
  • Added ability to drag/drop folder reference to document for easier support of E-Mail Feeder
  • Fixed billing issues in History Notes
  • Fixed charges approval issues
  • Added ICDx field type
  • Added extended logic for Questionnaires
  • Changed Writer to hold ribbon visible at all times if extended mode is enabled
  • Fixed formatting error in invoices
  • Added Billing workflow steps
  • Added syntax definitions to workflow designer
  • Updated color definitions for workflow tasks
  • Updated all workflow tasks
  • Added commands to print invoices and statements from Invoice/Payment tools
  • Added Merged Caption field to Documents and Forms that allow for the customization of titles when merging
  • Added support for FaxAge support to E-Mail Feeder CloudLink option
  • Added support for extended field merge codes
  • Added support for Billing Provider merge documents and reminders
  • Added support for e-Mail using .privateemail.
  • Removed global FaxAge support
  • Added system level FaxAge support for sending faxes from Desktop
  • Added Document Feeder FaxAge support
  • Added CloudLink E-Mail Feeder e-mail account settings
  • Added CloudLink E-Mail Feeder FaxAge support
  • Added CloudLink E-Mail Report Exchange support
  • Added CloudLink E-Mail Report Exchange e-mail account settings
  • Updated all Billing tools to support third party and medical billing
  • Updated History Notes to support third party and medical billing
  • Time logging and merge logging modes removed
  • Modified Quick Message sequence to speed up the process
  • Added configuration options for the CloudLink Billing Helper
  • Updated Configuration Wizard to support new configuration options
  • Updated Invoices/Payments tool to support eC Access
  • Released new eCandidus Server/Desktop that speeds ups multiple grid displays
  • Updated OMFS and PHARMA rate tables
  • Partitioned EAMS Legacy numbers for each board location
  • Added ability to track invoice attachments
  • Added CRate column to Base Rate tool to display source rate
    • Update Configuration Wizard to support new billing options
    • Added CSource column to Base Rate tool to display source rate table
    • CAWCMedical system type has been changed to ProviderBilling
    • Modified Configuration Wizard to provide support for standard provider billing and CA Worker's Comp provider billing
    • Modified NPI tables to simplify lookup by name
    • Added option to log invoice completion into History Notes
    • Updated Configuration Wizard to handle new invoice format options
    • Added option to invoice format to print header on first page only
    • Added option to invoice format to print statement as an invoice
    • January 2015 NPI tables released using eCandidus 2015.01.15 or later
    • Configuration Wizard can now lookup NPI data from business license
    • Fixed issue with WCAB address downloads where LBO was missing
    • Added Quick Code support for Things to Do, Appointments, Phone Messages and History Notes
    • Fixed issue with legacy filing conversion
    • Fixed issue with provider definition using Configuration Wizard
    • Added ability to get provider information from NPI in Configuration Wizard
    • Fixed startup issues when CloudLink is not present
    • Updated copyright notices
    • Updated CloudLink and Workflow Servers to return version information
    • Updated Settings:System to display version information for Remote Servers
    • Added pre-fetch to layouts, which will improve the display speed of windows

    All changes are inclusive, so the latest gives you all!


    Which version am I using?

    You can tell which version you are using by selectingWindows/About in the Main Menu:


    What does Testing after the date mean?,

    We release new versions overnight as needed. If changes are done but not to be released to the general public, they are available in the Testing section to let you know that it may have not been fully tested and you should only use when working with us to fix an issue.

    We make every effort to make sure that no damage is ever done to your data, even while testing.