DigitalPersona™ Fingerprint Reader

The DigitalPersona™ Fingerprint Reader connector allows the use of DigitaPersona U.are.U 4500 or 5160 fingerprint readers in the eCandidus™ Desktop. It is part of the eCConnect series of products.


Installing the connector

The connector is obtained in the Downloads page, under the Desktop Add-ons tab. It installs as a standard MS Windows program. The connector adds a Google Cloud Printer printer into your printer list.


Enabling the connector

You enable the connector Station Settings and setting the eCConnect option to True.


Fingerprint fields

You should add a Fingerprint field to your Associates screen:



Enrolment is the process by which eCandidus™ learns a fingerprint. Simply click on the Fingerprint button and eCandidus™ will tell you what to do. Basically the system will ask you to place a finger or thumb in the reader four times, during which the system will read and store a numeric value which is the representation of the fingerprint.

Once you have enrolled, the label will change:

NOTE: The actual fingerprint is never stored in the system!


Securing the Time Clock

The main use of the associate fingerprint is to provide a secure way to handle the clock in/out of the Associate. You enable this using the System Settings:

Set the TimeClockUsesFingerprint to True.


Using the Time Clock

The Time Clock tool changes to indicate it is working in the secure mode:

Note the new ??? button. When you click on it, the system will ask you to place the finger or thumb in the reader and, if identified, replace the label with the associate nickname: