Google Cloud Print

The Google Cloud Print connector allows you to print to any Google Cloud Print printer. It is part of the eCConnect series of products.


Installing the connector

The connector is obtained in the Downloads page, under the Desktop Add-ons tab. It installs as a standard MS Windows program. The connector adds a Google Cloud Printer printer into your printer list.


Enabling the connector

You enable the connector using your Associate Settings settings. Make sure that you have an Google Cloud Print enabled e-mail account and then set the GoogleCloudPrint option to True.

NOTE: You will not be able to set the option to true if the connector is not installed.


Using the connector

Simply drag any PDF document, like the one shown here:

to the Services Google Cloud Print area:

Once you drop the document, a dialog box will show:



When you print to FedEx, you get a retrieval code:

Simply transmit this code to any person that you wish and he/she can go to his/her nearest FedEx Print location and print it.

More information can be found in the FedeX Cloud Print Services page.

Note: If the file is inaccessible at the FedEx printer, speak with a representative and ask them to look up the file as sometimes it is renamed as if it were in XPS format. If this happens ask them to rename it as a PDF file and then it will then be accessible at the printer.