Customizing Screens

Using the greate feedback we get from out clients, we have quite an extensive system in the eCandidus™ Desktop. There are, however, times where your particular needs require the addition of fields, or the change of layouts of some screens.

For those occassions, eCandidus™ Desktop has a built-in database and screen editor, the User Extensions system. This system is accessed by the System Manager account.

NOTICE: Before making any modifications, make sure that a full backup of your database has been made.

We will go step by step in changing the Things to Do screen to add a couple of features and to modify the look


To start the edit process, select the screen to be modified, and click on the Tools icon.

Select the User Extensions, then Layout and Define. The Define User Layout screen appears:

In this screen a visual representation of the screen is shown.


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