Document Management

In the Document Management system, each item is a folder:

Label Type Meaning
Folder ID: Text Unique identifier for the folder
Date: Date A date
Subject: Text Subject of the folder
References: Link/Address People/Companies associated with this folder
Bill To: Link/Address Person/Company to be billed.
Attn: Link/Address Person/Company to whom the invoice should be addressed
Status: Choice The status of the entry:
Active The entry is being worked on
On Hold The entry is on hold pending other activity
Completed The entry has been completed.  If the LogCompletion entry is set true in the Settings:System form, Options section, the completion will be noted in the History
Assg To: Link/Associate The associate who is in charge of this folder
Started On Date A start date
Comp On Date A completion date
Has Folder:   The associate who has physical possession of the folder.  Clicking on the Check In/Out button to set/clear


Label Type Meaning
Comment Text Block A comment about the folder