eCandidus Document Feeder

The eCandidus™ Document Feeder is an external program designed to process large volumes of scanned images into the eCandidus™ Server.  Its function is to take image files (TIFF, PDF, BMP, etc) from a directory, and its sub-directories and convert them into jobs that are then processed by the Mail:From Document Feeder tool.

The options are:

Field Meaning
Directory The directory where the scanner saves the scan result.
Secure Login  
Server Address The IP address or server name where the eCandidus database is kept.
LocalID User defined identifier.
RemoteID The Id to be used in the Settings:System Allowed Server entry.
Log In Logs In/Out the Document Feeder into the eCandidus Server.
Quick Message To  
  Associate ID that will receive a Quick Message when a job is processed.
Start Starts the Document Feeder.
Stop Stops the Document Feeder.
Next single page as job separator? Use the whiteness level of the next single page scanned as the level for the separator page.


Where is the Document Feeder installed?

The Document Feeder can be installed in any station, which does not need to have the Desktop installed.  Make sure that the Feeder program is launched automatically when the associate logs into the station for better performance.


How does the Feeder work?

The Document Feeder works by waiting for files scanned by your scanner, or received by your fax machine to be placed in the directory.

When a file is found, the system will process every page in the file, looking for blank pages.  It will then group all the pages between blank pages and group them together as a job.  This job is then processed by the Mail:From Document Feeder tool.


Defining a Blank page

The system determines a blank page by looking at the whiteness, or lack of writing, in the page.  The whiteness level can differ for each scanner.  To establish the proper level, scan a single blank page after having checked the "Next single page as job separator?" option.   If you wish to give yourself a little leeway on the whiteness assumed, mark the page with a single line.

Note that we have found that the whiteness level is greatly affected by how clean the scanner glass is kept.


OCR Support

If you want to have the Document Feeder automatically convert pages into text, simply install the OCR module in the same computer where the Document Feeder is installed.