Extended Rate Tables

The following tables are available for inclusion into your system:

Once you have downloaded a table, simply drag/drop it into the eCandidus™ Desktop gray area to load.

Note that eCandidus™ understands how the tables interact with each other, so you can have both the OMFS and RBRVS tables loaded and eCandidus will know when each one applies.

Removing a table

If you need to remove a table, use the Remove Rate Tables tool:

The tool will display all the tables loaded and allow you to select which one is to be removed:

Using the Extended Rates

Once you have loaded the tables, you can use the codes from that table when you are defining your own rate table. The rate and description will be copied over:

Another way, which is much easier, is to turn the AssureExtendedRate option in your System Settings which will add the rates automatically as you use them.