The Forms set is where all of the pre-printed forms are kept.

The screen is divided into three parts:

Command Bar

Icon Tool Tip Meaning
E-Mail Converts the form top PDF and attaches it to an e-mail.
Add page Adds a page to the form
Delete page Deletes the current page of the form
Open Reads a file into the current page.  The following types of files can be read in:
TIFF TIFF format
JPEG JPEG format
Bitmap Bitmap format
Photoshop Adobe Photoshop
eCases XFML forms
Refresh Reloads an image into the current page.
Save Saves the page as an external file. The following types of files can be saved:
TIFF TIFF format
JPEG JPEG format
Bitmap BMP format
Copy Copies the current page into the clipboard
Cut Cuts the current page into the clipboard
Paste Pastes the clipboard as the current page
Reset fields Resets the text in all the fields
Option Meaning
Auto Resets the fields to floating fonts.
Fixed Sets all of the fields to a specific font.
Scan Scans and inserts pages into the form
Convert to text Converts the form into text and places the text into the clipboard
Print Prints to the default printer with preview
Print Direct Prints to any printer without preview
Print Blank Form Prints a blank form
Create PDF Creates a PDF from the form
PDF Queue Manages PDF Queues.
Subscriptions Manages Subscriptions.
Lock Locks form so no more changes can be applied. Applies only to Merged Forms. Allows for the replacement of pages where signatures are found.
Shows Areas at PrintInput areas will be highlighted when printed
Map Acrobat FieldsSets the acrobat (PDF) field name
Repair:Make VisibleForces all input fields to be visible
Repair:Make EAMS compliantForces all fields to follow EAMS rules
Set as input formForm will be used to input information


Form Area

The form area is where the form and any fields are displayed.


Page Bar

The page bar is displayed at the bottom of the form:

You can click on any of the page tabs to display the corresponding page.



Label Type Meaning
Title: Text The name of the form
Merge If: Combo Box The type of set that the form can merge into
Case: Link/Work Product The case (property, etc) that the form belongs to
Append: Link/Forms A list of forms that will be merged as a single form.


Field Options

Field options ar displayed when you click on the options button next to eac field. The button is displayed only when the form is being defined:


PickAdds handles to the field so it can be reposition and sized using the mouse.
Free FormThe field is not formatted.
AutoCapsThe field is capitalized on the first character of each word.
BooleanThe field is a checkbox.
CapsThe field is capitalized.
ChoiceThe field provides a list of choices.
DateThe field is formatted as mm/dd/yyyy.
FloatThe field is formatted as a floating point number.
IntegerThe field is formatted as a whole number.
MoneyThe field is formatted as nnnn.nn.
NameThe field is capitalized as a name.
PCTThe field is formatted as a percent.
PhoneThe field is formatted as (nnn) nnn-nnnn.
SocialSecurityThe field is formatted as nnn-nn-nnnn.
TextThe field is not formatted.
TimeThe field is formatted as nn:nn AM/PM.
ZIPCodeThe field is formatted as nnnnn-nnnn.
SignatureThe field is a signature.
RequiredField must contain a value.
Min. LengthThe minimum number of characters needed.
Max. LengthThe maximum number of characters allowed.

AutoResets the field to a floating font.
FixedSets the field to a specific font.
GroupGroup name, if the type is boolean, only one in the group will be allowed.
Group Allow NoneAllow none in the group to be checked.
Show IfField that controls the visibility of the field.
Set BaseSets the field as the basis for size/location changes.

Same HeightSets the field height to match the base field.
Same WidthSets the field width to match the base field.
Same Height and WidthSets the field height and width to match the base field.

Align LeftAligns field left side to match the base field.
Align RightAligns field right side to match the base field.
Align TopAligns field top side to match the base field.
Align BottomAligns field bottom side to match the base field.
...DuplicateDuplicates the format, min/max lengths and required from the base field.
...Show IfSets the Show If field as the base field.
Use ReportableUses reportable address if found.
EAMS CompliantWhen checked, the field will conform to EAMS requirements.
NameThe name of the field.
HelpHelp to be displayed as tooltip.
PDF FieldThe name of the field in the PDF document.
Add ContinuationAdds a new field that is the continuation of the current field.
DeleteDeletes the field.


Merge Codes

Data is merged into the form by the use of merge codes in any of the fields.  Note that the merge code result is translated to text.

By using merge codes, you can create powerful templates that aid associates in the creation of final forms, using information from cases (or work product) as well as any other information in the database. Examples on how this work is shown here



The choices field type causes the visuals of the field to change. A drop down button is added:

Cicking the button during design time displays a grid to define the values:

KeyThe value that will be inserted into the form.
ValueThe value shown in the menu, if none the key will be shown.

When the button is clicked in run mode, a menu is displayed:

And when an item is selected, the proper value will be entered in the field: