From Document Feeder

The Mail:From Document Feeder tool, takes jobs created by the eCandidus™ Document Feeder and allows you to assign them to a case (property, etc.) and place them into a document category.


Types of Jobs

Jobs are divided into Unassigned and Assigned.  Jobs start as Unassigned until they are linked to a particular Work Product item (case, property, etc.).  Once they are linked, they are Assigned.


Selecting Unassigned Jobs

Use the combo box on the upper left hand side to select the Unassigned jobs.


Assigning a job to a Work Product entry

To assign a job, click on the Links tab:

And the enter any information about the Work Product (cases, property, etc.) to link to in the text box, and press tab (or click on the Find button)

The Work Product (cases, property, etc.) found are displayed.  You can repeat the information/tab sequence until you see the Work Product item on the list.  Click on the item to select it, and then press on the "...Assign" button to assign it.

Once the job is assigned, you are returned to the job selection screen.


Adding a job to a document category

Once assigned, you can place the job in a category by selecting the job, and clicking on the Links tab.  Jobs that have been assigned will automatically display the assigned Work Product.  You can then click on the category in the document bar to place it in that category.

Optionally, you can also click on the following buttons:

Label Meaning
...Other Asks you for a name to give to the job, used when you want to place the job in a category other than those shown
...Global Assigns the job to the Global Document section
...Delete Deletes the job


Special Commands

Icon Tool Tip Meaning
Find Finds the entries with the given keys