Field Types

These are the field types available in eCandidus™ database.

StringA string up to 254 characters long
CharA single character
IntegerA whole number
FloatA floating point number
MoneyA money value
TextA text block, up to 64,000 characters/td>
DateA date value
Timea time value
TimestampA date and time value
BooleanTrue/false value
NameA person's or company name
MemoA text block with formatting capabilities
PhoneA phone number
Social SecurityA Social Security value
PercentA percent value
CapsA string that will be forced into uppercase
AutoCapsA string where each word will be capitalized
EMailAn e-mail address
ExternalA file
ImageAn image
ThumbnailAn image that will displayed as a thumbnail (small image)
ChoiceUser defined choices
AddressSpecialtyDisplay all of the specialities defined in the Address Book Specialty field
AssociateTypeA selection from the associate types in the system settings
ICD9An ICD9 code
ICD10An ICD10 code
ResourcesA selection from the appointment resources in the system settings
StatusA status choice
TTDChoicesA selection from the TTD choices in the system settings
WorkflowA reference to a workflow
DatasetA dataset grid
KeyA link to another object
OrganizerA mini-Organizer
LawCodesThe California Law Codes
ServiceService provided
ServiceDateDate the the service was provided
BloodPressBlood pressure (shown as systolic/diastolic)
BodyTempBody temperatur (shown in degrees farenheit)
HeightHeight (shown in feet and inches)
WeightWeight (shown in lbs and ounces)
O2PctOxygen percentage
HeartRateHeart rate (shown in BPM)
Work Product (cases) Only
ApptsThe next upcoming appointment
QELocationThe address where the injury took place (used by QuickEAMS for eCandidus)
QEHowThe description of the injury (used by QuickEAMS for eCandidus)
WCADJAn WCAB ADJ number (only one field should be this type)
WCBoardA WCAB Board for an ADJ
WCBodyPartsAn WCAB body part for an ADJ
WCDOIA WCAB Date of Injury for an ADJ
WCEOIA WCAB End of Injury date for an ADJ
WCEventAn WCAB Event for an ADJ
WCHearingA WCAB Hearing for an ADJ
WCJudgeA WCAB Judge for an ADJ
WCStatusA WCAB Status for an ADJ
WCCompanionCasesThe companion cases for an ADJ
Address Book Only (only one field of each type allowed)
DMNSionIDThe DMNSion ID of the person (Used by Data Exchange)
eBillIDThe receiver ID supplied by the clearing house
FingerprintThe fingerprint of the person
FormsTypeUsed to select which input forms are used (Used by eC/LoDe Access)
GoogleAddressA button that looks up partial addresses in Google
NPIThe NPI ID for the address
TaxonomyThe taxonomy for an NPI ID
ResourceTypeA selection from the appointment resources in the system settings (Used by eC/Lode Access)
TaxIDThe Tax ID
QEWeeklyEarningsThe weekly earnings (used by QuickEAMS for eCandidus)
Associates Only
FingerprintAn associates fingerprint