Go Paperless

The Go Paperless module is designed to make your office truly paperless.

There are two phases in going paperless:

  • Getting documents into eCandidus™
  • Working Paperless

The eCandidus™ Desktop keeps documents as external documents, which are kept in a shared directory in your server. They are acessible as any other eCandidus object, like a case or Thing to Do, so you do not have to think of them any differently.

To help you organize the storage of documents, eCandidus™ uses a standarized Naming Box which you define to meet your needs.

There are tools to allow you to either scan documents into the Go Paperless module, or to use existing files. This is how documents get into the eCandidus™ system.

The Go Paperless module then uses the Attachments options built into the eCandidus™ Desktop to alow you to work paperless.