Working Paperless

The eCandidus™ Desktop makes it easy for you to work in a paperless mode using the Attachemnts features.

Where mos systems allow some sort of way of attaching an external file to a case (or work product) note, eCandidus™ lets you attach any number of files and other eCandidus™ objects to any note or object.

The easiest way to explain how this is used, is by simple examples.


Working with a piece of mail

You got a piece of mail and have used the Go Paperless scanning methods to make it into an External file and you would like to tell the attorney that the mail came in and should be reviewed.

In the case, click on the Thing to Do button to create the Thing to Do, fill it to the proper text. Now view the External docuemnts and grag/drop the file into the Attachment button on the Thing to Do:

Note that once the file is attached, the attach button changes color to signify that the attachment took place.

Now when the attorney views the Thing to Do, he/she can easily access the report by looking at the attachments:


Working with an eCandidus™ object

You are working on a letter template and need to have it reviewed by another person. Simply drag from the Where Used (the magnifying glass) in the letter template to the attch button in the Thing to Do:

The letter will be attached tot he Thing to Do and is made accessible:


Working with an eCandidus™ object from a Case

You can drag any object in the Where Used screen of a case (or work product) and attach it:

The object is attached and made accessible:


Working with History Notes attachments

When a History Note has attachments:

Any Thing to Do, Appointment, Phone Message or Memo created from the History Note will automatically be given the attachments:


Attachments vs. Reports

As you can see, you have a variety a way of attaching objects to any other object. This makes the retrieval of the key files and other supporting material much easier than having to look them up in reports or lists, even days or months after the work took place.

If you have an appointment coming up, your support associates can attach the needed documents, even address book entries, so you do not have to look for them in the paper file or anywhere else!

A truly papeerless office.