Scanning can be done in one of three ways:

  • At the case
  • As a batch job by multiple associates
  • As a batch job by one associate


At the case

You can invoke the Go Paperless module from the External document button:

The naming box will be displayed and scanning will commence. The scanned document will be stored using the values set in the naming box.


As a batch job by one associate

You can scan using the Create Job tool:

This tool is based on the Quick Find tool and searching for a case is done as in that tool. Simply enter any text to search for the case.

As you can see, the naming box is shown at the bottom of the tool, allowing you to select the name and location of the document.

Once you have selected the case and naming options, simply click on the Scan button to scan the document.


As a batch job by multiple associates

When the workload is large enough to impact thw workflow if the associate that evaluates the incoming document also scans it, you can split the workload into two steps.

The first steps crates a cover sheet that tells the Go Paperles processing tool which case (work product) the documents belongs to. This is generated by the Create Job tool explained above.

Once you have set the options, you can click on the Print Job Page button and generate the cover sheet:

A job is the cover sheet followed by the pages to be scanned.


Processing batch jobs

Processing jobs is fairly simple, stack one or more jobs generated in the process above and running the Scan Job tool:

Clicking on the Go button, starts the scanning process and scans, generate PDF files and any Things to Do's automatically from the information in the job cover pages.


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