The eCandidus™ Desktop gives you the ability to keep your investment in all the data that you have in your current system.

Currently you can import data from any of the systems shown in the left menu.


Steps to make your import the fastest possible

  • Install eCandius™ Desktop on your server
  • Run and login
  • Create a true administrative account
    • From main menu select Associates and then Add
    • Enter a name, typically System Manager
    • Set the nickname and password to ECANDIDUS
    • Click on System button to give admin privileges. The privileges line should read *.*
    • Save
  • View the station settings, from the main menu select Tools, Settings and finally Station. Open the Local Database #1 settings
  • Copy the settings from eCandidus Server
  • Open a new eCandidus™ Desktop without closing this one
  • Login as ECANDIDUS, selecting the local database. This will verify that you set up the Associate and databse entry properly, otherwise return to open desktop
  • Run your import!



All of the conversion processes create logins to eCandidus™ using your current user tables. So if you login as JOHN with password ABC, you can login into eCandudus™ using the same.