System Type

The System Type step tells the wizard which type of office best describes you:

  • Law - Any type of law
  • CA Worker's Compensation Medical - Form a single practitioner to third party billing and collections
  • Document Management - A record management office
  • Basic - You will roll your own!

Simply click on the type and move to the next step by clicking on the Office Information button on the left side.



When you move to another step and the wizard recognizes that your system needs to refresh internal data, it will do so automatically. The Refresh button tells the wizard to go ahead and refresh, even if the wizard does not believe that it needs to do so.


Data that gets downloaded when the system type is set


  • ZIP Codes


  • EAMS Document Names
  • Legacy Filing Numbers

California Worker's Compensation Medical

  • ICD-9
  • ICD-10
  • Extender to ICD-10 - ICD-9 Helper


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