Input Forms

An input (or intake) form is a special form of a merged form. It is created just like you would any merge form, including the use of merge codes.

You can then tell the system that the form is an input form by clicking on the Tools button at the top of the form and selecting the Set as input form.

The form is till merged as you would any form, the difference comes at save time, the system will confirm that you want to save the information entered to the database and if allowed to do so, will "reverse merge" and save any information entered to the database.


Interactive vs. Static

When you are using the form inside the eCandidus™ Desktop, you should select the interactive mode. In this mode, when you enter a name, the system will lookup matches in the Address Book, or other lookup tables and display a list so you can select.

In interactive mode, a list of choices will be displayed for those fields that have them.

In the static mode, no lookups will be done, however you still have the option to lookup at save time as shown below.


Static and Address Book entries

When entering addresses, in static mode, you may want to tell the system that the address is already in eCandidus™. You can do so by entering the name of the persopn or company followed by a question mark. For example, if you know that you have the address for 20th Century Insurance located in Woodland Hills on file, you can enter 20th woodland? as the name. eCandidus™ will search the address book and use the first address entry found that matches the string entered.



You can only use merge codes that directly address a specific field in the database, so make sure that none of the merge codes have #0 in the code. Also, no formatting options are allowed, so use [\DOL#1] instead of [\DOL#1@Month].