PDF Input Forms

Input forms can be made into PDF forms which can be then filled in any computer capable of supporting PDF. To create a PDF, click on the To PDF button at the bottom of the form and selecting the As PDF option:

You will be asked to provide a file name.

Once you have filled the PDF form, you can complete the input of the information into the eCandidus™ database by dropping the file into the eCandidus™ Desktop. Data in the form will be merged into the case which created the PDF input form.

When a case is updated this way, the case is displayed after the update has taken place.


Creating new cases via PDF forms

You can create new cases by creating the PDF form using the As PDF for new Cases option. Forms created using this option will create a new case when dropped into the eCandidus™ Dekstop.

When a case is created this way, the case is displayed after the creation has taken place.


Remote Data Entry

Input forms can be sent to the Dropbox web based service. They are sent as PDF fillable forms, which can be filled out and then sent back for processing.



You can only use merge codes that directly address a specific field in the database, so make sure that none of the merge codes have #0 in the code. Also, no formatting options are allowed, so use [\DOL#1] instead of [\DOL#1@Month].