Remote Input Forms

Input forms can be sent to the Dropbox web based service. They are sent as PDF fillable forms, which can be filled out and then sent back for processing.


Setting up and Associate

In order to send an input form to Dropbox, you need to setup one or more associates as Dropbox capable. This is done in each associates messaging settings:

Simply set the Dropbox Name and Password fields to the appropriate entries.


Sending an input form to an associate

When you have merged the input form, you can upload the form by clicking on the To PDF button at the bottom of the form and selecting which associate should be used:

The form is converted to PDF and uploaded to the Dropbox system.


Accessing the form

The form is uploaded to a file, whose name is composed of:

  • The name of the eCandidus site, your office name as setup in the system settings
  • The external directory for the case(or work product)
  • The merged form name

In this example the name would have been:

Notice that any invalid characters will be replaced by an underscrore.

The file is now accessible as any other PDF file:


...on the Apple iPad

If you wish to use ab Apple iPad to fill the input form, you can use PDF Expert for iPad which allows you to get and store the forms from your Dropbox account.

Just add your Dropbox account using the Network tab and then turn on the synchroniztion mode for the network entry. Now you can keep your iPad synchronized and quickly get any new input form that has been assigned.

Here is the form:

When you are done inputting, simply click on the Back button to save the changes.

You can the re-synchronize to send the form back to Dropbox. You can do this at the end of the day.


...if your PDF reader does not allow you to save

If for some reason your PDF reader does not allow you to save, use FoxIt Reader. It will save your changes to the PDF when you exit the program.


Extra files via Dropbox

You can add any number of files to each folder, but must not move or delete the file generated by eCandidus™ as it contains information on which case (or work product) that the folder belongs to.

Any additional files can be retrieved into the case when the form is retrieved.


Getting forms back from Dropbox

Once the form has been filled, you can retrieve the form into eCandidus™ by using the Tools:Synchronize:Data Exchange tool:

This tool allows you to select which forms to retrieve from Dropbox and into which External Directory is will be saved. Click on the Dropbox button to retrieve the forms:

Once retrieved, the forms and any other files become part of the files external document:

And any changes in the data will be saved into the case (or work product) itself. Note that if another associate is using the case (or work product), the transfer will not take place and a warning message will be generated.



You can only use merge codes that directly address a specific field in the database, so make sure that none of the merge codes have #0 in the code. Also, no formatting options are allowed, so use [\DOL#1] instead of [\DOL#1@Month].