Input Forms as Data Screens

For those types of system where instead of a standard data screen:

It would be better to use a form based input screen:

You can easily accomplish this by using one or more input screens to replace the standard data screens.


Defining the forms

The forms to be used are defined as part of the settings for the data set:

This displays the Settings screen:

You defined the forms to be used in the InputForms entry.


Form Codes

Each line establishes the form to be used as well as other options available:

Generic Name

The simplest entry is the generic name, which is a form name without the ## symbols in the name. This name indicates that the form can be used for any type of input, for example in Law, the form can be used for both Workers Compensation and Vehicle Accident.

Typed Name

A typed name is indicated by entering the ## symbol followed by the type for which the form applies. Only in those situations that the type of case matches the form type is the form included.

Note that the same form can be used multiple times with different types.


Form used

In both cases, the forms is looked up using the name wthout any type modifier, so for Extended Intake ## Vehicle Accident, the form that is used is Extended Intake.


Overriding a form for a specific type

Once the form name is established, eCandidus looks for a form in the following sequence:

  • Form Name ## Current Type
  • Form Name

This means that you can create forms for specific case types using the name ## type as the form name and forms for all other case types by leaving the case type out.


Default form

eCandidus™ Desktop will use the first form allowed for the case type as the first or default screen:

The list of all available forms is displayed in the drop down box in the lower left corner of the screen.

When you select a form from the list, eCandidus™ Desktop will add it to the list of open forms:

If the form had been selected before, it will be brought to the top of the screen.


Input Forms per Associate Type

You can also define input forms that apply only for specific associate type:

This allows your office to work with the normal data screen except for those associates that are doing intakes or special work.



All forms used are screen are automatically made into interactive forms, but only while being used as data entry.