Field Options

You can set and review all options available for each field by clicking on the Info button next to each field. The button is highlighted in red here:

A menu will appear showing you all of the options.

Pick upAllows you to move and resize the field using the mouse
FormatSets what type or format the field has
RequiredSets/Clear whether the field is required
Min. LengthSets the minimum number of characters required in the field
Max. LengthSets the maximum number of characters allowed in the field
Source ValueSets the field that will be the source when merging. This allows for the data to be obtained from one field and set in another
Boolean ValuesWhen the field is a boolean type, what values are to be returned when true and when false
Name is CompanyWhen the field is a name, force it to be a company name
FontThe font to be used in the field
GroupThe group name to which the field belongs to. For boolean fields, only one field may be set for each group
Group allow noneAllow none in the group to be set
Show IfDisplay field only if the field named in the if has data
Set BaseSets the field to be the base field for other operations
Use ReportableWhen the field is a name, use the corresponding reportable value if any
EAMS compliantForce the field to follow EAMS rules
NameThe name of the field
HelpThe tooltip to display for the field
PDF FieldName to be used when converting form to a PDF
eC Access RuleUnder Construction
Add continuationAdd a field that is to be treated as the continuation of this field
DeleteDelete the field