Field Formats

The field format determines what type of data the field holds:

FreeFormThe user can type anything, no rules
AutoCapsEach word will be capitalized
CapsAll text will be capitalized
ChoiceUser will be given a list to select from
DateField is a date
FloatField is a floating point number
IntegerField is a whole number
MoneyField value represents money
NameField contains a person's or company name
PCTField hods a percent value
PhoneField value is a phone number
SocialSecurityField value is a Social Security number
StateField is a state
TextField holds text
TimeField value is a time
ZIPCodeField is a ZIP Code
SignatureUnder construction
ICD9Field value is an ICD-9 code
ICD10Field value is an ICD-10 code
BillingCodeField is a billing code. True/False whether it is used or not
BillingCode/UnitsField is a billing code and user will enter the units