Last Activity

The Last Activity screen allows you to see which work product entries were last worked before a given number of days ago.  You can also search for entries that last worked on in a days range.

The last day worked on is obtained from the date and time of each History entry made.

You can also see the last date a specific associate worked on which work product entry by selecting the associate name and clicking on the By Assoc? check box:

As this example shows, the cases that ECANDIDUS worked on, and the last activity by the associate are shown.


Working with the result set...

You can select any number of cases (work product) listed and carry out bulk operations:

Creating TTD

You can click on the Create TTD button and create a TTD for each individual case (work product). The TTD will be assigned to the Associate in charge of the case.

Mark Completed

You can click on the Mark Completed button and mark all the selected cases completed.