LEDES™ (Legal Electronic Data Exchange Standard)  is an international, voluntary, not-for-profit organization comprised of legal industry representatives and is charged with creating and maintaining open standard formats for the electronic exchange of billing and other information between corporations and law firms.

More information about this format can be found here.


Setting up a Billable Account to generate LEDES files

In order to properly generate a LEDES file, setup the billable account following the steps outlined here, and at the same time, fill the Third Party Billing ID field with the appropriate value:


Using UTBMS codes

Simply use the UTBMS codes as the external codes as described here.


Processing Invoices

You process LEDES invoices as you would any other type, except that you skip the printing itself and generate the LEDES file.  You must, however, mark the invoices as printed once the file has been accepted.