Merge Codes

A merge code describes the data to be merged into a document or form. It is enclosed in square brackets and the leading character describes the operation to be performed.

The different operations are:

Leading Name Descriptions
\ Field Obtains information from the eCandidus™ database.
? Ask Prompts the user with a description and inserts input.
^ Insert Document Inserts the contents of a documents into the current document, prompting if more than one document are available.
@ Address Inserts an Address Book entry as a properly formatted address block.
* Barcode Inserts a barcode using a given value.
$ If Inserts a value if a condition is met.
| Pick First Picks the fiest field that has a value.
= Set Sets the value of a field in the eCandidus™ database.
# Extensions Allows for programmability of the document, including mathematical operations.
+ Templates Compound merge capability.